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R12 R12 six-axis calisthenics.
The apparent 6th axis rolling is actually a computed move using Trig.
R12 using straight line feature to carefully lift and insert glass tubes into a rack.
R12: example of using several RoboForth features to measure the size of a steel plate.
R12 pushing keys on a number pad.
R12 pick and place (chess)
Yes it is supposed to chuck the king off to the left!
Linear track
R19 R19 moving micro-titer plates in simulated laboratory task
R19 placing oil samples on Kittiwake PQ analyser
R17 Arc welding with R17
R17 high speed version
Simulated sealant dispense
R12 and R19 will also do this.

Tool changing with R17
Ring scan
Computed using RobWin Curve Generator.
R12 will also do this.
Spray coating with R17
R17 serving molding machine
Dual robot application for carton erection.