R15 (Artemis) Modular Cartesian robot system, 2 to 6 axes.

Stepping motor drives with optical incremental encoders
Steel reinforced polyurethane drive belts
Simple teach pad
Optional turbo, continuous path, constant velocity
Input/output interfacing
Handshaking or direct control of other equipment, pneumatics etc.
Searching, analog measurements, timing etc.
Drives for turntables etc.
Non-volatile memory
Complete with controller, manuals, software, cables, etc. Ready to go
Optional cleanroom preparation

A complete robot system which is tailor-made from a range of modules for almost any workspace and payload. Used for handling, positioning, gluing, trimming and numerous other industrial and laboratory applications. Rugged and reliable, fast, accurate, easy to interface and program.
R15 systems are only ever built to order after exact specifications are agreed with the customer. All STI robot systems are programmed in ROBOFORTH II which provides tools for synchronising robot motion with other equipment, handshaking, direct control of pneumatics, palletizing and so on.


K type
Heavy duty module for Y or Z axes utilising steel reinforced polyurethane drive belts and heavy duty linear bearings
K-type metric imp (Eng)
Max stroke 3000mm 120 ins
Max speed 2000mm/sec 80 ins/sec
Payload as Z axis 15 Kg 33 lbs
Payload horizontal 30 Kg 66 lbs
Repeatability 0.1mm .004 ins

L type
Heavy duty X axis untilising dual recirculating crossed roller bearings
Various gear ratios are available. The following specifications depend on gear ratios.
L-type metric imp (Eng)
Max stroke 10 m 32 ft
Max speed 2000mm/sec 80 ins/sec
Payload horizontal 100 Kg 220 lbs
Repeatability 0.1mm .004 ins

Rotate Modules

1                           2             3                   4                  5                  6
PR, P4 and P7 rotate modules
The PR module (1) is a combined pitch and roll module.
The P4 (2) is a light duty accurate rotate unit normally used as a yaw axis, often fitted to the R19 robot.
The P7 (3,4) is a high payload rotate unit also intended for yaw applications.
The R2 (5,6) is a medium payload rotate unit also intended for pitch, yaw and roll applications.

Rotator Specifications
Module Max torque Speed (deg/sec) Repeatability
PR 5Nm (each) 45 (each) 0.2 deg (each)
P4 10Nm 90 0.05 deg
P7 25Nm 360 0.1 deg
R2 25Nm 180 0.1 deg

Photo gallery

  A gantry robot with long L-axis, moving carriage, K-axis, moving carriage, vertical E-axis, moving beam.

  A heavy duty robot for lifting sheets of wood, made from L-axis and two K-axis with P7 rotate and heavy payload grippers.

Assembly of fuel injection for a well known German car manufacturer using L-axis module, moving carriage, K-axis module, moving carriage and D axis module, moving beam. Swabbing in nuclear facility using two robots, one robot (lower) employs L, K and M axis modules. M is a telescopic axis with a yaw, not shown above. This robot passed swabs to a second robot (upper) built with L and K axis modules which passes the swab out through an electric shield door to a glove box.
pharmaceutical packing using L and K axis modules with four individual yaw axes. cleanroom robot using E-D-D axes, all moving carriage, plus a special pitch and roll

Below: X-Y robot for high speed gluing comprising 2 L-type X-axes of 3000mm stroke
and a spanning K-type Y-axis of 2500mm stroke arranged in an H-shape.
With constant velocity software it moves the same set speed in any direction, max 2000mm/sec.

Wetbench Applications Nuclear Applications