ST Robotics On-line Manuals

ST manuals are currently organized as follows:
1. Robot manual for initial setting up of the robot, installation of software and checking everything works.
2. Primer to get you started intuitively with the programming. With a language like FORTH and ROBOFORTH using it is the best way to learn it.
3. Self-teaching tutorial based on our robot classes. Covers most RoboForth features.
4. Manual for RobWin7
5. 3 comprehensive html manuals for the software and controller.

pdfs may be downloaded as follows: IE: right click, save target as. Firefox: save link as.

R12 robot manual, pdf
R17 robot manual, pdf
R18 robot manual, pdf
R19 robot manual, pdf
Getting started, a primer, pdf
Teach yourself, a tutorial, pdf
RobWin 7 manual, pdf
In depth, RoboForth
In depth, controller