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robotics within reach **

Low cost bench top robot arms - swift, accurate, easy to program - within reach financially and technically.
Using a unique low cost industrial technology perfected by ST over many years.
Their high intelligence finds them niches in the most complex tasks but they are easy to apply to any application from machine feeding to laboratory sample handling. ST robots will do most of what their big brothers will do, much that they can't do and at a fraction of the price.
ST provides professional but affordable, easy-to-use, ready-to-go boxed robots. Unpack it, set it up and start programming using our comprehensive manuals.
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r12 robot arm

R12- firefly
small robot arm Low cost 5-axis 500mm jointed (articulated) robot arm.
Optional electric or pneumatic grippers or vacuum pickup.
Fast and quiet, amazing performance for the price.
Optional tool changer and mountings for tools.
Low cost 6-axis 500mm jointed (articulated) robot arm.
Optional electric or pneumatic grippers.
Optional tool changer and mountings for tools.

r17 robot arm

750mm 5-axis jointed (articulated) robot arm, suitable for applications requiring a long reach such as machine access.
Optional electric or pneumatic grippers, vacuum pickup, tool changers.
6-axis version.
R17HPL and R17HS
Higher payload and higher speed versions of R17.

r19 laboratory robot

laboratory robot 550mm 4-axis cylindrical robot arm, suitable for laboratory applications.
clean, accurate, fast and quiet yet still affordable.
Optional electric or pneumatic grippers or vacuum pickup.
Optional linear track.

cartesian robots

R15 system
Custom designed Cartesian Robots up to 6 axes. Suitable for automated assembly, scanning, polishing, palletizing, nuclear handling and decomissioning.
Small custom designed 2 and 3-axis Cartesian Robots.
industrial automation


Track record - we have sold hundreds of robots and have over 2 decades of experience.
We make sure your application is a success with knowledgeable advice before you buy and unlimited technical support after you buy.
Our Strengths: Simple, reliable industrial designs; smooth, fast, and accurate digital positional control. Multi-processor controllers with high speed drives and extensive input/output capability.
User friendly software using English language vocabulary. Acclaimed manuals and tutorials plus unlimited telephone and email support to get you up and running quickly and painlessly.
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